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  1. To the Editor:
    It is time to recognize the true heroes of the Republican Party. They are not the dopey louts rampaging through our nation’s capital and the cowards who cover for them. They are not ranting demagogues exploiting the emotions of the resentful. They are the unsung people not seeking attention, but doing their jobs: from poll workers to police officers. They are Republican state legislators who did not bend to pressure to overturn the elections in their state. They are Republican judges who did not allow mere allegations unsupported by credible evidence to deny votes that happened. They are Republican congressional representatives and senators who dared stand on their conscience instead of follow the majority of their party. They did not win. But they showed more bravery than the majority in their party who did.
    It is those Republicans who can save the soul of the party from being lost to a band of fascists. My father was a lifelong Republican who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. After the sacrifices that generation made to defeat fascism, I’m glad he wasn’t alive to see his party dishonored by America’s Mussolini.