Friday, August 28, 2020

UPDATED 8/28/2020 - CCC Electoral Map

 This map was made based on current polling and adjusted by adding the difference of the very incorrect 2016 polls. In this current map, Trump has several ways to victory. Trump can win either Florida or Pennsylvania to win.  In this scenario, Trump can also win by taking New Hampshire and Arizona.  The most recent flip we made was Biden Tilt to Leaning Trump in Minnesota. Michigan was moved from Biden Tilt to Trump Tilt. If we created this map based on the current polls, Trump would be losing Wisconsin, North Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio.  As we get closer we will be adding other factors to this map. We will update every time this changes.


Trump Deficit by State

1. Pennsylvania (-0.9%)

2. Arizona (-2.7%)

3. Florida (-3.0%)

4. Nevada (-7.2%)

5. New Hampshire (-8.3%)

6. Maine (-9.9%)

7.Virginia (-12.9%)

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