Friday, February 7, 2020


Team Trump ( Calumet County )
We are in search for a self motivated hard working individual who would be interested in becoming a Field Organizer for Cal. Cty. ( This will be a paid position NOW thru the 2020 election ) Long hours, LOTS of foot work AND computer work as well.
Ryan Retza

If You OR anyone You know would like to dive into politics ( head first ) Please send a 2 - 3 sentence description about what would make you a GREAT candidate and WHY you would like to work on and help the Trump Campaign in this swing state. You will have enthusiastic volunteers working right along side you and be a part of the largest presidential reelection campaign in this state’s history!

Remember, Every County, Every Citizen and Every vote Does Matter. So Come & Join our Team Trump and lets keep Calumet County great!

send your descriptions to..

920-422-5017 to talk with Ryan and get your questions answered.
My Ph# is 920-242-5329

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